Becoming A True Sports Lover

When was the last time you got excited about a sporting event? I realized about a few years back that it had been awhile since I had stopped to enjoy my free time, so I started investing a significant amount of time into learning more and more about sports. As part of my research, I joined a few adult sporting leagues, and it was absolutely incredible to see the difference that it made. Within a few short months, I felt like I was healthier than ever before. This blog is all about enjoying sports and making the most of your free time.

Expect These Things Long Before You Climb Onto A Horse For The First Time

11 July 2018
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When you sign up for riding lessons, you're probably eagerly anticipating climbing onto a horse for the first time and riding through a field. While you'll be doing so eventually, you need to remember that baby steps are in order. Riding a horse is challenging, and not without its share of risks. In order to be fully in control when you climb into the saddle, your riding instructor will guide you through a series of crucial lessons long before you get up on the horse. Read More …

A Few Reasons Why You Should Use A Hunting Guide In Alaska

30 May 2018
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If you are thinking about taking a trip to hunt caribou or bear in Alaska, you should start making plans well in advance. Not only do you need to make all the travel arrangements, but you need to read up on all the regulations regarding the hinting of these animals. You need to decide if you will stay in a cabin and go out to hunt during the day, or to travel and live in tents along the way. Read More …

Five Benefits Of Choosing Bamboo Outdoor Clothing

24 April 2018
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When it comes time to choose clothing to wear outdoors — whether for running, hiking, or another endeavor — you have several materials from which to choose. Cotton is a definite no-go for outdoor activities, since as the saying goes, "cotton kills" due to its tendency to trap moisture against the body. Wool works well for many people, but it can be heavy and cumbersome. One material you may not have considered for outdoor use is bamboo. Read More …

Tips For Getting Into And Out Of A Tree Stand Safely

8 April 2018
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Using a tree stand can be an effective way to hunt for whitetail deer. Rather than tracking deer and potentially spooking them as you make noise, you can sit quietly in a tree stand positioned so that it offers a considerable viewing area. Then, when you get a deer in your sights, you can shoot it before climbing down and tagging it. It's important never to overlook the importance of tree stand safety. Read More …

2 Questions To Ask Your Players Before Choosing A Golf Course For Your Corporate Event

19 March 2018
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If your business is planning its first golfing event for its employees, you may have already had some players sign up to be a part of it. If you want to make the day as enjoyable as possible for the players, ask them the following questions before choosing a golf course that matches their skill levels and desires. Are Your Players More Comfortable on a Private or Public Course? The first question you may want to ask your golf players is whether they would prefer to play on a private or public course. Read More …