Tips For Your First Marijuana Dispensary Visit

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Tips For Your First Marijuana Dispensary Visit

22 December 2018
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If you have never visited a marijuana dispensary but are interested in trying one out, then you may be confused about the rules surrounding your visit. This is understandable since dispensaries are not common as of yet. There are a few things that you should remember as you venture to buy your first edible or joint.

Bring Cash With You

The vast majority of stores and shops that you visit will accept debit and credit cards. This is standard for almost every shopping establishment, but it is not something that you will find at your local marijuana dispensary. This is due to the federal laws surrounding marijuana consumption and possession. Specifically, while some states are now allowing recreational marijuana, it is not considered legal on a federal level. For this reason, credit processing companies will not work with dispensaries, so make sure that you bring cash with you.

Prices will vary greatly based on what you are looking to buy and how much of it you want. You can buy marijuana by the gram and you can find inexpensive products at about $10 to $20 per gram. If you want edibles, then they are around $15 to $20 a piece.

Keep in mind that you cannot sample the different products at the dispensary. While some stores do sell customer samples, there are strict laws against public consumption of marijuana, much like you cannot publicly drink alcohol.

Prepare To Tip

The individual who will serve you at the dispensary is called a budtender and this individual can make suggestions and will explain the different flavors and noted of the products offered. The professionals can even help you with rolling joints and buying the right water pipe for your needs.

Since the budtender is offering a service to you, like a waiter or waitress, it is wise to tip the employee. However, you do not need to tip as much as you would at a restaurant. A 5% tip if more than enough. 

The budtender will not only help you choose marijuana, but they will often allow you to examine the merchandise. You should ask the budtender about this since they typically have small samples that customers can look at, smell, and feel. Smell is especially important for both beginners and regular users, so consider taking a quick whiff to make sure you are not put off by the odor. 

If you want to know more about recreational cannabis dispensaries and how you can shop at one, speak with an employee at your local shop.