When was the last time you got excited about a sporting event? I realized about a few years back that it had been awhile since I had stopped to enjoy my free time, so I started investing a significant amount of time into learning more and more about sports. As part of my research, I joined a few adult sporting leagues, and it was absolutely incredible to see the difference that it made. Within a few short months, I felt like I was healthier than ever before. This blog is all about enjoying sports and making the most of your free time.

Situational Awareness — A Valuable Ally When You Carry A Concealed Firearm

24 January 2018
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Getting trained to carry a concealed weapon and choosing to have your firearm on your person whenever you leave your home means that if a threat presents itself, you're the first responder on the scene. If you choose to draw your firearm and end the threat, situational awareness is perhaps your biggest ally outside of your firearm and your training. Situational awareness applies in every situation in which there's an armed threat, whether you're at a gas station as it's being robbed or you're in a mall when a shooter attacks. Read More …

Child Looking For A Fun Activity? Why They Should Go To Golf Camp

7 January 2018
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When the kids are out of school for the summer they might need a new way to spend their time. Watching television all day can start to become boring after awhile and your children may start to run out of ideas for how to have fun. Rather than let the kids languish away the summer just hanging out around the house, why not send them to golf camp? They'll not only be introduced to a great game, they will also reap some other benefits as well. Read More …

3 Reasons To Sign Your Toddler Up For Tumbling Classes

19 December 2017
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Even though you might have never really thought about signing your toddler up for tumbling classes, this can be a great idea for many reasons. These are some of the reasons why you may want to consider it. 1. Help Your Child Make Friends Perhaps one of the best reasons to consider signing your toddler up for tumbling classes is the fact that he or she will have a chance to make friends. Read More …

Here’s Why Following A Nutrition Plan Is A Great Idea

30 November 2017
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If you're unhappy with your current food intake, you may be ready to make changes. Switching up what you eat, following a balanced diet, and even taking part in nutrition plans can all be great ways to make a difference. This can result in you feeling and looking better. Keep reading to better understand why following a nutrition plan is a great idea. You Can Regulate Weight If you've been gaining weight and are unhappy with your body's appearance, now is the time to look at your diet. Read More …

Advantages Of Using An SBR For Home Defense

18 November 2017
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Investing in a quality firearm from a licensed dealer is a key step toward defending your home and keeping your family safe. When you begin your search for the right weapon, you'll face several options. A short-barreled rifle might not be the first firearm you consider, but it has several advantages when used in the protection of your home. Speak to your local gun dealer about why you're buying a gun and ask him or her to help you evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the SBR versus other conventional self-defense weapons, including handguns and shotguns. Read More …