A Turtle Snorkeling Tour — A Unique Hawaiian Adventure

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A Turtle Snorkeling Tour — A Unique Hawaiian Adventure

23 August 2023
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A turtle snorkeling tour will provide up-close encounters with many large sea turtle species that are found in Hawaii. Use the guidelines below to prepare for your tour and enjoy viewing the marine life.

The Outfitter

Tour boats transport tour group participants to distinct ocean regions where turtles can be seen. Large sea turtles are found in caverns and along coral reefs. A tour boat operator will typically transport groups of people throughout the day and night.

Review the tour companies featured in Maui. Each company will furnish information about the boats that are featured. They will indicate the schedule of upcoming events that you can participate in. The tour schedule will include details about the ocean area that will be visited during each snorkeling session.

If the weather is inclement on the day of a tour, the scheduled event may be postponed. The policies that a company follows will be outlined on a tour company's website.

Sea Turtle Etiquette

Touching, teasing, and feeding the turtles will be strictly prohibited during a tour. A tour guide will provide a list of rules that all participants of a tour must follow.

A tour guide will recommend that each tour participant pays close attention to the guidelines that are verbalized during a briefing aboard the tour boat. Following the guidelines will increase the chance of viewing many turtles during the tour.

Turtles may swim alongside the people in a tour group. Sea turtles may also be spotted swimming below the group of snorkelers. A tour guide will show their group members the proper way to float when participating in the tour. A tour participant should refrain from making a lot of movement that could scare the sea turtles and other marine creatures.

Personal Belongings

A tour outfitter will provide a list of personal belongings that can be brought on the boat. A waterproof camera, sunscreen, a towel, and a change of clothes are some items that may be beneficial during and after a tour. All of the items being brought on the boat should be labeled with the tour participant's name.

Snorkeling Gear

All of the snorkeling equipment that a tour participant requires will be provided by the tour outfitter. Flotation devices, snorkels, fins, and face masks are typically provided at the onset of a tour. Once the tour guide shows each person how to use the equipment, they will assign snorkeling gear to each person who is part of the tour group.

For more information on turtle snorkeling tours, contact a professional near you.