Benefits Of A Captain's Chair On A Center Console Boat

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Benefits Of A Captain's Chair On A Center Console Boat

2 December 2022
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When you look at different center console boats for sale at a local boat dealership, you can expect to see that the console setup will vary significantly between models. It's worthwhile to take note of the seating situation, as this is where you'll be spending a lot of your time when you're out on the water. A lot of center console boats are equipped with a bench seat behind the console, but you'll also see models that have a captain's chair. While there are advantages to a bench seat, you might find that a captain's chair is a better fit for you. Here are some benefits of this seating option. 

More Comfort

It's certainly true that many center console boats have comfortable bench seating, but it's common to find that a captain's chair offers a higher degree of comfort. The presence of armrests means that you'll have a place for your elbows and forearms, which can allow you to relax your shoulders while you're boating. The back support of a captain's chair is typically contoured to provide a higher level of support for your back than a bench seat. If you occasionally suffer from a sore back, this type of seat will likely be better for you.

Ability To Swivel

Bench seats on center console boats are stationary, but many captain's chairs on these boats can swivel. While you'll be facing forward when your boat is underway, the ability to swivel can be convenient at different times. If you're fishing and want to stay seated, you can turn the chair 90 degrees to face the port or starboard side of the vessel. When socializing with passengers after you've dropped your anchor, you can turn your chair toward the boat's stern where people are seated.

Less Movement

It's common to feel that a captain's chair does a better job of keeping your body stationary when you're traveling at a high speed in your center console boat. When you turn at speed, your body will stay snugly in the captain's chair, thanks to the armrests on each side of you. On a bench, it's possible that your body might slide to either side, especially if a wave unexpectedly jostles your boat. This could affect your ability to control the vessel. If you plan to ride quickly in your boat, perhaps because you're excited to pull people on water skis or other recreational devices, you'll appreciate how a captain's chair will prevent your body from moving side to side.

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