Three Things You Can Do On A Floating Tiki Boat

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Three Things You Can Do On A Floating Tiki Boat

25 October 2022
 Categories: Recreation & Sports, Blog

If you're looking for a fun time out on the water with friends, you have a number of options to consider. One idea is to book an excursion on a floating tiki boat. This vessel is designed to look like the tiki bars you may have seen at different resorts over the years — complete with a thatch roof and various bamboo accents. Companies that run these trips give you several different options when you book. You might favor spending most of the day on the water, or perhaps you just have time for a short evening outing. Whatever the case, here are some things that you can expect to do on a floating tiki boat tour.

Enjoy Refreshments

A big part of the tiki boat experience involves enjoying refreshments. On a sunny summer day, relaxing with some friends and having a few drinks and snacks can make for a memorable outing. Some tiki boat tour companies provide refreshments, while others allow you to take your own. Put your heads together with your friends and come up with a list of refreshments that everyone will enjoy. A variety of beverage choices and some casual appetizers, for example, can be ideal. It's common for tiki boats to have a bar and a number of stools, so you can take a seat while you sip and munch.


If there are some people in your group of friends who enjoy dancing, a tiki boat tour will give them a chance to show off their moves. No tiki boat outing is complete without music. These boats are equipped with wireless speakers, so you can bring your own playlist and connect your device to the speakers to hear the music you enjoy. Larger tiki boats have ample space for dancing, so some people can kick off their shoes and get moving.


Depending on the body of water you're cruising on, you might wish to go for a short swim during your tiki boat tour. If it's hot — or if you've worked up a sweat from dancing — you can have the boat driver stop the vessel so that you can jump off the edge. You can splash around for a few minutes to cool off, and then climb back on the boat to continue the tour. If a floating tiki boat tour sounds appealing to you and your friends, look online to find a tour company that runs these tours.