Three Ways To Assess A Surfboard Rental Company

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Three Ways To Assess A Surfboard Rental Company

11 August 2022
 Categories: Recreation & Sports, Blog

If you're relatively new to surfing and are interested in pursuing this activity when you travel to locations where surfing is popular, you'll often find several different shops that rent surfboards and accessories. One of your first priorities will be to assess these companies to find the right one. This is something that you can often do online, ideally the night before you plan to go surfing. While the price of renting a surfboard is always something to consider, here are three useful ways to assess these companies.

Proximity To The Water

One thing that you'll need to consider is the proximity of each surfboard rental company to the water in which you plan to go surfing. You'll find some rental shops that are situated on the beach, just a handful of steps from the edge of the water. Others may be located off a road adjacent to the beach or perhaps even a few blocks away from the water. In general, it's handy to choose a shop that is as close to the water as possible. It's much more convenient to carry your rented board to the water instead of having to load it on your vehicle and travel a short distance.

Variety Of Boards

There are all sorts of different surfboards on the market, including longboards, shortboards, hybrids, and more. If you've done a little surfing in the past, you may have experimented with one type of board but be interested in checking out a different type now. It's ideal to choose a surfboard rental shop that carries a wide variety of board types. This can especially be important if you're surfing with a few friends, as each of you might have their own preferred board type.

Availability Of Lessons

Some surfboard rental shops simply provide boards and accessories, while others have people on staff who can offer lessons to those who are interested. If you're new to the sport, you might feel more confident getting a short lesson before you go out on your own — particularly if you'll be surfing in a new area with different water conditions that you're used to. Check a few shops' websites to learn about their lessons. For example, you may find that renting a board gives you access to a short lesson, which may be adequate for you. Look online to find a few surfboard rental companies in the area that you plan to visit.