Get A Multi-State Permit To Carry Before You Travel With Your Gun

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Get A Multi-State Permit To Carry Before You Travel With Your Gun

1 March 2022
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If you carry a gun, you may hate the thought of having to leave it at home when you travel. You may need a gun when you're on the road, but you don't want to carry it illegally. A good way around this problem is to get a multi-state permit to carry. Here are a few details about how to get a multi-state permit and why you want one.

Why You Want A Multi-State Permit

If you feel safer when you carry a gun, then you'll likely want to take your gun wherever you go. However, that's challenging since gun laws vary by state. You could get a permit in each state you intend to visit, but that's more expensive and more time-consuming than getting a multi-state permit.

The multi-state permits vary too, according to the state you get a permit in, but you should still be able to carry your gun in a number of states. If one of the states you want to visit isn't included, you can get a state permit in that state along with your multi-state permit so there will be no worries about accidentally doing something illegal when you carry your gun.

How You Get A Multi-State Permit

Check your state to see if it offers reciprocity with other states since it's convenient to take a multi-state permit to carry course in your own state. If your state doesn't offer a multi-state permit, check your neighboring states. You'll want to verify you can take the course as a non-resident, and you'll also want to check the states with which they have reciprocity to make sure the states you intend to visit are included.

What's Included In A Multi-State Permit To Carry Course

The course may not include firearms training, but you might be required to take a firearms training course before you can take the multi-state permit to carry course. The course can usually be completed in an afternoon, and you'll learn things such as how to fly with a gun, how to travel by car with a gun, federal and state firearm laws, firearm safety, situational awareness, self-defense, dealing with police, and techniques for concealed carry.

Even though many states participate in the multi-state permit arrangement, some do not. When you plan a trip, be sure to check gun laws in all the states where you intend to travel, and make sure the states are included in your multi-state permit. Then you'll have peace of mind you can carry your gun legally and you'll have protection if you need it.