Ammunition Selection For A Rifle

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Ammunition Selection For A Rifle

18 January 2022
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A new rifle that will be used for hunting will require an adequate supply of ammunition. Each gun that is manufactured will come with a guide and an inscription that will determine which type of ammunition will be needed to fire a particular weapon. A gun shop or a hunting outfitter sells a variety of ammunition and storage containers that will prepare you for your first hunting trip.

The Caliber

The internal diameter of a gun barrel is referred to as the caliber. The caliber will be reflective of the bullet size that is needed. If you purchased your gun new, the caliber will be listed in your owner's manual and will also be printed on the exterior of your rifle. A repeating rifle is a firearm that will allow discharges in succession. This type of rifle will utilize a magazine. A magazine is an ammunition storage and dispensing device that can be loaded into a gun.

A magazine should bear the same caliber rating as what is listed in a manual and on a gun. If you purchased a used rifle, you may not have access to the original manual that came with the firearm. You should, however, be able to determine the caliber rating by inspecting the imprint that is on your gun's body. A high-caliber rating can be used to shoot large game animals and a small-caliber rating can be used to shoot small game animals. 

Practice Ammunition And Storage

A full metal jacket bullet is a projectile that contains a soft inner core and a metal sheath. This type of ammunition is less expensive than many other types of ammunition. People who are going to be spending time at a shooting range or who are going to be participating in an outdoor target practice session typically use full metal jacket bullets.

If you would like to acclimate yourself to using the rifle for a few weeks, purchase plenty of full metal jacket bullets to use during each practice session. Purchase a quality bullet product that costs more for the occasions when you will be actively hunting.

Many retailers who sell gun supplies feature ammo storage boxes. This type of box can be used to store all of your excess bullets. Some storage boxes are portable and lightweight. Purchase a small, waterproof storage box to bring along with you on each hunting expedition. If the box falls into a body of water, your ammunition will remain dry.

For more information on rifle ammo, contact a professional near you.