Choose A Holster That Allows You To Adjust The Retention

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Choose A Holster That Allows You To Adjust The Retention

15 September 2021
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Some handgun holsters offer a high degree of retention, while others make it very easy for you to draw your firearm. There are benefits and drawbacks to each style, which often means that buying a holster with adjustable retention is a good idea. In any situation where you're carrying your gun in public, you can set the holster's retention to a desired level and then have the confidence that you can change this level based on the circumstances around you. Visit a local gun shop to browse the holsters that allow you to adjust the retention level. Here are some considerations for using such a holster.

Increasing The Retention

There are certain times that you may feel a desire to increase the retention on your holster. Most commonly, this will be when you're in an environment in which you're concerned about your handgun falling out of the holster — something that may be possible with a light level of retention — or someone taking the gun from you. In a crowded environment in which you're shoulder to shoulder with people you don't know, for example, quickly increasing the retention level will give you more confidence that someone won't grab your firearm.

Decreasing The Retention

When you decrease the retention of your holster, it immediately makes the firearm very easy to draw. You might wish to make this change if you feel that drawing your gun may be imminent. For example, if you're in a situation in which there appears to be violence or the threat of violence, you'll feel confident to know that you can draw your firearm with minimal effort should the need arise. People harassing you on the street may be a cause to make this change, while you may also wish to decrease the retention when you visit your local shooting range to perform drills.

Making The Adjustment

It's common for holsters that you wear on the outside of your body — on your belt, for example — to offer the ability to adjust the retention. Many concealed holsters don't have this feature, which makes sense because it would be difficult to reach under your clothing and adjust the holster. Different holsters have different methods of adjusting the retention, but it's common to simply be able to move a lever or change the position of a button. Practice doing so, and you'll feel confident in your ability to make this change without even looking down at the holster. Learn more about adjustable-retention holsters at your local gun shop.