Use Dessert Items To Distribute Clues

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Use Dessert Items To Distribute Clues

17 December 2020
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Food clues can be used as diversions, which will allow you to set up the next scene for a team murder mystery game without being caught. Choose some desserts that pertain to the guest menu and give the attendees some information about the possibility of discovering clues so that all of the treats are inspected carefully.

Printing On Tins Or Cupcake Holders

You do not need to physically alter a dessert by using icing to create words for your guests to read. Keeping each clue carefully hidden will be more challenging and some of the guests who receive a clue may overlook the information they receive and increase the odds that another clue receiver will solve the murder mystery before them.

Choose to mark a set number of desserts that have been baked. Use a sharpie marker to write on the bottom of pie tins or cupcake holders. Clues can include details about a weapon, a person of interest, or a public or private place where a crime was committed.

If the party goers will be supplied with checklists that contain possibilities for each detail of the crime, they can mark off information that does not pertain to the crime once they have discovered a written clue on the bottom of their dessert wrapper.

Fortune Cookies That Contain A Variety Of Clues

Passing out homemade fortune cookies will give your invitees a pretty good indication that they will have the opportunity to receive a clue that may help them solve the murder mystery game. If you have instructed team members to sit together, either allow one member of each group to select a cookie or instruct all of the team members to select a cookie.

With  multiple clues given out among group members, there will be an opportunity for some of the players to acquire a great deal of information that will give them an advantage in the competition. The cookies do not all need to contain clues if you would like to make sure that only a few people will benefit from this round of gameplay. You can also create many different clues of varying degrees of importance. 

If you alert your guests to the fact that they will have the chance to pick a cookie that includes a clue that contains many details that will help them solve the gave, they may be more apprehensive about selecting the first cookie that they see and may carefully weighing their options before selecting one of the treats.