Introduce Your Kids To Cane Pole Fishing For A Day Of Relaxing Fun On The Water

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Introduce Your Kids To Cane Pole Fishing For A Day Of Relaxing Fun On The Water

24 May 2019
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If you want to introduce your kids to the fun of fishing, then you may want to start with cane poles. Cane poles are easy for kids to use so your kids have fun right away and don't get frustrated with learning how to cast and reel in fish. You'll probably want to teach them to fish with a rod and reel eventually, but cane poles are great for beginners and they're also fun for adults too. Here are some supplies you'll need to buy from a fishing gear store for a day of cane pole fishing.

The Cane Rod

You can still buy a simple cane rod that kids have used for generations, but they do have one small drawback. They are a one-piece long rod, so if you don't have a fishing pole rack on your truck, you may have to drive with the rod sticking out the window. If this is a problem for you, you can instead buy a rod made of plastic that comes in parts so it can be dismantled for easy transportation.

Hooks, Line, And Bobbers

The cane pole needs to have fishing line attached to it. You can adjust the length to be a good match for the height of your kids since a shorter line will be easier for them to control. However, they'll cast farther with a longer line, so you may want to buy a reel of line so you can make adjustments to the length according to how you're fishing. You'll also want a pack of hooks, and you'll want several hooks in case a fish takes off with one or the hook gets tangled in brush and you have to cut the line. Float bobbers are also fun for kids. Buy an assortment of sizes and adjust them on the line so you can control how deep the hook floats, By watching the bobber jiggle, kids can prepare for a fish to bite and have a better chance of a catch.

With bobbers, you can throw in multiple lines and not have to hold the poles to feel for fish activity. Find some suitable branches for making a pole holder or buy a holder at the fishing gear store, and your kids can relax and play along the shore while watching the bobbers for bites.

Tackle Box

You may not want to take your regular tackle box full of your favorite supplies when you take kids cane pole fishing. Instead, buy a box for the kids that contain the things needed to outfit a cane pole. Keeping supplies organized in a box keeps things from getting lost and keeps your kids safe from stepping on loose hooks. Other things you may want to keep in the tackle box include a stringer, artificial bait, weights to pull the hook to the bottom, and first aid supplies to tend to cuts and other minor injuries that might happen during a day of fishing.