Tips for Renting a Mountain Lodge for Your Family's Summer Trip

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Tips for Renting a Mountain Lodge for Your Family's Summer Trip

8 April 2019
 Categories: Recreation & Sports, Blog

Spring has finally sprung and it's time to begin making plans for those summer outings. If you're looking for some ideas to get your kids outside exploring new places, one thing to consider is finding a mountain lodge to rent for your family to enjoy.

Why rent a home and not a hotel room?

Think about how much you'd spend on a hotel room large enough to house your family somewhat comfortably. Now think about what it's like sharing a hotel room with your family – is this something that you look forward to? Chances are, nobody in your family enjoys being stuffed into a small hotel room with no escape from each other aside from a small bathroom.

Now, picture your family gathered around a crackling campfire just outside your rental lodge – much better than sitting around the tables nearest to the vending machine in the lobby of the hotel.

When you price-check the rental homes, you'll find that the actual cost of renting the entire home is fairly close to the cost of renting many of the nicer hotels rooms in the area. The difference is, you'll have an entire home to share with your family, so you'll be able to lounge on a sofa, prepare your favorite meals in the kitchen, and step out the door and explore, which may be so much better than when you stay at a hotel.

What can you do for fun?

If your family is the type that loves to get out and have fun, spend some time looking into the different rental lodges and their locations. Some of these lodges come with great amenities to take advantage of, while others are strictly homes that are leased to guests but are surrounded by lots of fun things to do.

One thing to look into is the additional cost of any clubs, parks, or recreational activities in the area. Some parks charge a fee just to enter the area, while others will charge for activities that you take part in – for example, if you want to fish in a lake in that park, you may need to purchase a permit allowing you to do so legally. Researching all of this ahead of time will help to eliminate the risk of disappointment if you arrive and find that the experience is a bit out of your budget.

Talk to your family and find a mountain lodge that can fulfill your desires and needs. Hopefully, this year you'll have a summer adventure that everyone in the family enjoys.