A Few Reasons Why You Should Use A Hunting Guide In Alaska

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A Few Reasons Why You Should Use A Hunting Guide In Alaska

30 May 2018
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If you are thinking about taking a trip to hunt caribou or bear in Alaska, you should start making plans well in advance. Not only do you need to make all the travel arrangements, but you need to read up on all the regulations regarding the hinting of these animals. You need to decide if you will stay in a cabin and go out to hunt during the day, or to travel and live in tents along the way. Unless you are familiar with the area, it might be best to hire a hunting guide for your trip. Here are a few reasons to do so.

Laws and Regulations

It is important that you know and understand all the hunting laws and regulations where you will be going. While you can research them online, you might miss a new law, or something might have changed due to weather or the number of prey available. A licensed guide will know all the latest regulations and have the equipment to make sure every kill is properly recorded.


You may not have all the proper equipment to deal with the weather in Alaska. You may not even know that some items exist or how to use them. A guide will have everything you need. You will not have to worry about buying or renting items that you will only need while in that area. This is especially important if you will be living outdoors for the duration of your hunting trip.

Area Knowledge

If you are a regular hunter at home, you know the best places and times to go. No matter how much you research the area you will be in Alaska, you will never find the best places to go as these are usually kept secret. However, a licensed guide does know the area. They know when each type of animal will be around and where they travel. They will have secret areas where they take their clients.

If you want your hunting trip to be a success, and with as little stress and worry as possible, hire a licensed guide. You will not only have a reliable person to help you with the hunting, you will also have someone who can share experiences with your group around a campfire at night. In addition, your guide can show you places and sites you would never have found on your own.