Three Reasons Your Children Should Be Your Golf Caddy

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Three Reasons Your Children Should Be Your Golf Caddy

23 February 2018
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Going golfing with friends or potential business partners is an American past time. Golf is a relaxing game that relies on skill and focus. This means that you can impress friends and business partners without having to do strenuous activities. One of the best parts of golf is being able to speak during the game without much interruption. It is also a good way to spend time with friends and family. If you belong to a country club and often play golf, here are three good reasons to have your children act as your caddy. 

They learn the art of the game

Learning how to play golf is similar to learning how to play any other sport. In order for your kids to learn how golf works and pick up on technique, they should follow you around the course. By acting as your golf caddy, they can learn how to pick the right iron for each swing. How to line up their legs and arms with the ball, and how hard to soft to take swings at the ball. Getting an on course view of the rules of the game and how to play the game is paramount to learning golf. 

Work doesn't make family suffer

If you tend to work a lot, you know that squeezing time in with your family is important. When your children are young, it is important that they have your attention and develop a close bond with you. Having your children act as your golf caddies is a good way to spend proper time with them. If they are old enough to cart around a bag and ride inside of the golf cart, you will be able to meet up with friends but still help your children learn the game of golf. If you are making deals with family-friendly businesses, playing golf with your children can be impressive to your possible business contacts. 

Everyone develops a hobby in common

One of the issues that frequently develops as children age is not having anything in common with the parents. When teenagers have different hobbies than their parents, family time wanes. If everyone learns how to play golf together from childhood, golf and going to the country club is a wonderful way to unite the entire family. Several times a month, you can set up a time to go to the course with the entire family for everyone to play together and enjoy family time.