Advantages Of Using An SBR For Home Defense

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Advantages Of Using An SBR For Home Defense

18 November 2017
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Investing in a quality firearm from a licensed dealer is a key step toward defending your home and keeping your family safe. When you begin your search for the right weapon, you'll face several options. A short-barreled rifle might not be the first firearm you consider, but it has several advantages when used in the protection of your home. Speak to your local gun dealer about why you're buying a gun and ask him or her to help you evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the SBR versus other conventional self-defense weapons, including handguns and shotguns. You'll find that a short-barreled rifle is a smart choice. Here's why.

It's Easy To Maneuver

A short-barreled rifle can be easier to maneuver in tight spaces than a longer gun, such as full-length shotgun or a conventional rifle. If you hear someone break into your home at night, you'll need to stealthily move throughout the hallways and rooms to identify the culprit. With a long gun in your hands, it may be difficult to turn corners and get the gun into a firing position. Additionally, an intruder may be able to grab the barrel of a longer weapon and wrestle it from your hands. A short-barreled rifle, however, is compact enough that you won't face these issues.

It's Less Destructive

Although you hope you'll never have to hire a weapon in the defense of your home, you should be prepared if such a moment ever comes. Provided that you've trained with the weapon, an SBR is highly accurate and can allow you to engage the target without causing serious destruction around it. For example, if you were to fire a shotgun indoors, the shot would damage walls, doors, decorations, and anything else in the area, given the way the shot spreads as it travels. With a short-barreled rifle in your hands, you'd be able to engage the target without destroying parts of your home.

It Has A Higher Capacity Than A Handgun

While many homeowners opt for handguns for home defense, the concern with this type of weapon is its limited capacity. Revolvers are low-capacity weapons, and pistols carry only a handful of additional rounds. If you were to face multiple intruders or find them returning fire and threatening your family, you need a weapon with a higher-capacity magazine. This is where an SBR delivers — with its extended magazines, you won't have to worry about running out of ammunition.

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