Give Your Fisherman Husband A Pontoon Fishing Trip For His Birthday

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Give Your Fisherman Husband A Pontoon Fishing Trip For His Birthday

18 October 2017
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Are you married to a guy who is passionate about fishing? If so, you might be thinking about giving him a special fishing-themed celebration for his upcoming birthday. From planning a fun event to giving him a pontoon boat and pontoon boat accessories, here are some ideas that might help you to plan a day that will be long remembered:

The Celebration -

Think about sending invitations through the mail, just to set the mood for your husband's birthday event. Then, as you plan the party, think of fishing-related activities that your husband and your friends will enjoy.

  • The invitations might show a sketch of a man pulling in an enormous fish.
  • Have a game where each person has to come up with a real or an imagined fish tale.
  • Post pictures of lots of different fish and give a prize to the person who can name the most fish.

The Present - 

Consider giving your husband a different fishing experience. For example, if your husband has never been fishing in a pontoon boat, give him one for his birthday. Pontoon boats are not only very affordable, but they're easy to transport since you can deflate them after a fishing expedition.

  • Besides the pontoon boat, consider giving your husband accessories to go with the boat.
  • One idea is to give your husband a grill bracket set so he can cook right in the boat.
  • Something that might bring a chuckle is to give him a travel toilet.

Don't stop there. Bungee decliners are a good gift to go with the pontoon boat. Think of giving your husband a collapsible weather-proof pontoon boat cover so he can be protected from the sun and the rain. And, if your husband will be out in the early morning or after dark, boat navigation lights would probably be a great addition to his collection of accessories. A much-appreciated gift would probably be a cover and a carrying case for your husband's new pontoon boat.

Of course, the frosting-on-the cake would be if part of your husband's pontoon fishing trip would be the fact that you would be accompanying him. Whether you join him on the water or whether you stay at camp to relax, having you along on his pontoon fishing trip will probably be the best thing he remembers about going on his fishing trip. Don't forget to learn how to cook the fish that are caught.

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