Watch Out For This Wording When You Buy A Sports Ticket

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Watch Out For This Wording When You Buy A Sports Ticket

3 October 2017
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When you're shopping for a ticket to a sporting event, you no longer have to visit the stadium's ticket office. Instead, a variety of online sources means that you can easily buy tickets on your home computer or mobile device. While you'll want to evaluate factors such as the location of your seats and the price, as well as any fees that may be part of the online transaction, there are several other things that you should watch out for. Namely, watch out for different phrases that describe the seats but that you might not immediately notice. Here are some examples.

Obstructed View

It can be easy to buy a sporting event ticket that is marked as having an obstructed view, but this label might not be something that you notice when you complete the purchase. You'll then be highly disappointed to get to the game and realize that you can't see the entire field in front of you due to a pillar, the edge of an adjacent seating deck, or some other type of obstacle. While such seats can still allow you to see most of the field and enjoy a fun fan experience, you should avoid buying such a seat unless it's absolutely clear what the obstruction is.

No Video Board

You'll also see some tickets marked with the phrase "No Video Board," which might seem a little confusing to you. This terminology means that you cannot seat the stadium's video board from your seat. Technically, you can usually see it if you turn around, but this phrase means that viewing it is difficult. For example, if you're going to a baseball game at a stadium that has its video board atop the left field bleachers, a ticket a seat in the upper half of the left field bleachers might be marked as "No Video Board." Although you'll be able to see the score on smaller video displays around the stadium, the main one won't be easy to see.

Family Section

Buying a ticket for a seat in the venue's family section is good for some fans and not good for others. Generally, a stadium's family section means that there's no alcohol allowed; this provides families with young children a chance to have an enjoyable sporting experience without the risk of inappropriate words or behavior from fans around them. If you like the idea of having an adult beverage or two while you watch the game, make sure to avoid buying a ticket in this location.

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