Three Reasons To Say "Yes" When Your Teen Asks To Take Break Dancing Classes

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Three Reasons To Say "Yes" When Your Teen Asks To Take Break Dancing Classes

2 September 2017
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If your teen comes to you asking to take break dancing classes, you might be tempted to say "no," figuring that this is just another phase they are going through and that they will soon move onto another interest. However, you may want to re-think that decision. Break dancing classes are a lot more than a source of entertainment. In fact, they offer a lot of benefits for teens. Here are three reasons to say "yes" to those break dance lessons:

It's a good way for your teen to stay fit.

These days, people -- including teens -- are living more sedentary lives than ever, thanks to the popularity of technology. All of this time spent sitting has negative impacts on health and may increase your teen's risk of conditions like obesity and diabetes. Break dancing is a great way for your teen to get some exercise. Assuming they enjoy break dancing, it may be something that's more likely for them to stick to than working out at the gym or running. They won't even realize they're getting fit as they focus on perfecting their moves and learning new routines.

Break dancing is a good all-around workout, too. It improves flexibility, builds strength, and really gets the heart pumping with some high-energy moves.

Break dancing allows your teen to expand their musical horizons.

Music can be a great resource for your teen to turn to when they are feeling down. Plus, exploring different genres of music can help make your teen more aware of different cultures and manners of self-expression in the arts. Break dancing classes usually integrate an array of different musical styles, so your teen will be getting a great music education at the same time they learn to dance.

Break dancing classes will expose your child to new methods of learning.

It's really important that your teen learns how to learn. In school, kids often learn by sitting and listening, but not everyone learns well this way. In break dancing classes, kids often learn by watching and repeating. Some people really take to this style of learning, and if your teen is one of them, attending classes where this style of teaching is employed will help them hone their ability to learn in this way. This skill will help them later on in life when they're in the workplace. They'll be better at watching what more experienced workers do and learning from it.