Dirt Bike Racing: Goggle Features To Help Keep You Ahead Of The Competition

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Dirt Bike Racing: Goggle Features To Help Keep You Ahead Of The Competition

15 August 2017
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Dirt bike racing features fast-paced competition, great action, and plenty of ways to race other competitors. If you love racing for the sport or hobby, then you understand how important it is to have various accessories that can help you race and thrive on the track. Among one of the most accessories to have is a good pair for goggles. Goggles can got a long way in providing you with clear vision technology that will also protect your eyes. When racing on a dirt track, goggles play an even more important role, so it's a good idea to understand the various features that can come with them. From there, you will have the ability to pick out the best pair for your racing needs.

Nose Mask

When racing on a dirt track, you are bound to kick up a lot of dust and dirt along the way. If this is the case, you don't want to have to constantly breathe in these elements. It's bad enough when you have motocross exhaust pipes blowing at you during a lot of the race. The best solution to this is purchasing a pair of motocross goggles that feature a nose mask built right on them. When you slip the goggles on, the nose mask will fit snugly over your nose and provide you with and easier way to breathe while racing. On many pairs of goggles, the nose guard can be removed, allowing you to only use it when you're primarily riding on dirt tracks.

Expanded Frame Length

The visuals that you have during a race are extremely important. You want to be able to see in front of your along with having full peripheral vision on your sides. When choosing googles, it's important to check out the frame length and purchase a pair with an extended length. By expanding the length of the frame, your field of vision will dramatically change. You will have the ability to see all of the racers that surround you and get a clear view of the track ahead of you. With a standard pair of goggles, you may notice that you are doing a lot of extra head movements and cannot focus as well on the racing track.

Fog-Free Coating

Not only do you want to be able to see as clearly as possible while on the track, but you want to prevent your goggles from fogging up. Sweat, heat, and breathing are all factors that can contribute to a pair of goggles fogging up. A lot of new goggles have implemented new technology that includes a fog-free coating. This coating is typically made with a polycarbonate finish to it. This type of finish will prevent the goggles from fogging up and give you a clear visual path to victory. Not only is this material ideal for its anti-fog properties, but it is also scratch resistant. This means that flying pebbles, large chunks of dirt, and other factors will not cause issues for your visuals while wearing the goggles. They can last for years to come thanks to this technology.

Custom Color Options

Your appearance can go a long way in exuding confidence on a dirt bike track. Matching your goggles to a helmet or other dirt bike gear can help you look the part and feel great every time you step onto the dirt bike track. When ordering goggles, you can select custom color designs for both the frame and the lens. This allows you to select a main color and complimentary color for your outfit design. You can also often purchase a matching helmet as an add-on item. This will help you have a whole set that can be worn for your race days.

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