Thinking About Summer Camp For Your Child? 5 Reasons Why The Answer Should Be Yes!

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Thinking About Summer Camp For Your Child? 5 Reasons Why The Answer Should Be Yes!

27 July 2017
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Summer camps have long been a welcome adventure for children. Summer camps are different from day camps, which are little more than extensions of the school experience. Kids go off to summer camp for a week, or even a month or more. If you are asking yourself if heading off for camp is right for your child, here's some excellent reasons why it's a super idea.

Social Interaction

Sure, if you live in a neighborhood your child has the opportunity for social interaction. They also attend school with kids their own age. However, summer camp provides a different type of interactive environment. There is a lot noteworthy focus today on kid's addiction to mobile devices and the technological world. Summer camp can be the environment that fosters the psychological importance of the social interactions they need.

Cultural Diversity

Many, if not all the children at summer camp may come from different regions or even countries. Kids at summer camp often speak with a different accent, enjoy different types of food, or have customs that may be unfamiliar to your child. Summer camp is a terrific opportunity for your child to develop a positive sense of cultural diversity.

Sense of Community

A child's time in school is essential. However, in all honesty, it's just that, school. Summer camp is a setting where the kids reside together as a community. They live together, sleep together and eat together. Summer came is an excellent place for children to learn how to be a responsible member of a community environment.

Teach Resilience

Summer camps teach children things about their emotions that they will never learn if they spend all their life living at home. Kids get to experience and deal with homesickness with the support of expert counselors and other children feeling these same emotions. Programs and activities teach kids to persevere and become resilient to the stress of everyday life.

Lifelong Friendships

While not every kid who attends your child's summer camp will turn into a lifelong friend, there will be bonds may that can last into their adult life. Memories will be made that your child will remember for years. The close friendships developed during summer camp can last for forever.

School is where children study to gain knowledge. Athletic teams and extracurricular activities are great places to learn sportsmanship and teach responsibility. However, the time a child spends at summer camp can be equally as valuable to their development.

They understand and respect diversity, interact in a community type setting, and sharpen their ability to deal with emotions. Most of all, they can establish friendships that will last forever. If you're considering sending your child to a summer camp like Corbin's Crusaders Sports Club, think yes.