Tips for Buying & Caring for Water Pipes

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Tips for Buying & Caring for Water Pipes

6 July 2017
 Categories: Smoking, Blog

If you are ever planning to buy a new smoking utensil, make sure that you consider water pipes. Water pipes are great options because they give you the chance to enjoy your smoke in a new and different way, while also having a nice keepsake that fits in well on your living room table. As you consider purchasing a water pipe, read the tips below and use them in order to find the best pipe possible and take great care of it. 

Find a smoke shop or online retailer that sells water pipe.

To make sure that you have a lot of options when purchasing a water pipe, you should find recommendations on the best smoke shops in your area. Today, you can also purchase pipes by shopping at one of many online retailers. The beauty of using a water pipe is that it gives you a cleaner, cooler smoke.

People who experience respiratory irritation may appreciate this, as well as newcomers who have trouble inhaling smoke with other methods. Be sure to ask around for recommendations in order to buy water pipes from a company that has excellent inventory, customer service and return policies.

Research the best water pipe.

After you have found a smoke shop that has great products, do your best to find a water pipe that you enjoy. There are lots of options as far as water pipes go, whether you are shopping for certain sizes or types. Some water pipes use dry plant material, while others allow you to smoke concentrates. Make sure that you get an idea of your own smoking habits and lifestyle in order to find a water pipe that will be the most suitable. You may even find a shop that allows you to try it out before purchasing.

Do your best to maintain the water pipe.

After you have purchased a water pipe that you enjoy, always do everything you can to take care of it. These are sensitive pieces of glass that will require delicate and diligent cleaning and maintenance. Many people use mixtures of salt and rice, along with alcohol, in order to clean their glass pieces. You might also want to experiment with mixtures of vinegar and baking soda to get a deep clean. Further, investing in a cleaning kit or some pipe cleaners can also help you to take great care of your pipe.

Utilize these three tips to make the most out of your water pipe ownership.