Effective Ways To Keep Toasty Warm On Your First Ice Fishing Outing

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Effective Ways To Keep Toasty Warm On Your First Ice Fishing Outing

21 June 2017
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If you've an avid fishing enthusiast, you might be interested in trying ice fishing. For those who live in a climate that stays above freezing year-round, it can be enticing to travel to a colder state and book an ice fishing charter to experience this activity. Ice fishing presents different challenges than summertime fishing, including the necessity of staying warm. While renting a fishing shack that includes a heat source is an ideal way to avoid being too cold, you might also be interested in simply setting up on the ice out in the open. If that's the case, here are some ways for you to keep cozy.

Use Chemical Warmers

Chemical warmers will be one of your best allies on your ice fishing outing. These warmers often consist of a pouch with a liquid and disc inside it, although the design can vary slightly. In the aforementioned style, you simply break the disc to activate the liquid, which then heats up in a matter of seconds. You can't carry enough chemical warmers with you when you're ice fishing. You can place the heaters in your pants pockets and in the belly pocket of your hooded sweatshirt, as well as inside your gloves. Plan to buy several heaters so that you can activate new ones throughout the day to stay warm.

Wear Reflective Clothing

It's obvious that you'll want to wear the right clothing when you try ice fishing, but there's a little more to staying warm than just wearing thick attire. Make sure that you're wearing reflective clothing. This apparel typically has a metallic-like liner sewn to the inside of the garment, which serves to reflect your body's heat back at you. Wearing reflective attire can help you feel as though your clothing is slightly heated, which will be valuable for keeping you at a comfortable temperature.

Carry Warm Liquids

A quick way to feel warmer on a chilly day is by taking a sip of a warm liquid, so make sure that you have an insulated container or two loaded with some liquids. Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate are logical choices, but even some hot water with freshly squeezed lemon juice can help to heat you from the inside out. If you'll be out fishing for much of the day, fill an insulated container with stew, soup, or chili. The added bonus to carrying these containers is that you can tuck them inside your jacket to enjoy their heat before you drink them.

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