Summer Camp: 4 Activities Ideal For Using Dasher Boards With

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Summer Camp: 4 Activities Ideal For Using Dasher Boards With

29 May 2017
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One of the best parts about summer camp is giving kids a number of alternative activities to play besides traditional sports. These activities are great for large groups and have become a tradition year after year. To help keep these activities organized, it's a good idea to have an enclosed area or organized play space for the campers. One way to help with this is with the installation of outdoor dasher boards. Dasher boards are typically used for soccer and hockey play areas, but you can have them installed at your summer camp to use for multiple years and a variety of activities.

Bumper Balls

One of the newest trends in camp recreation is the use of inflatable bumper balls. These individual balls are inflated and worn by players as they run around, bump into each other, and try to score a soccer goal. When playing with bumper balls, it's good to have a surrounding area that can control the action. This is where dasher boards come in. The boards can create a natural arena to use the bumper balls in. The large plastic walls are easy to bounce off of and can add more elements for players to interact with. It will also help contain any soccer balls or kick balls that are used with the game.


Dodgeball is a classic summer camp game that is still played by thousands of children. When creating a dodgeball area, dasher boards can act as an ideal boundary. Not only will it help prevent balls from going everywhere, but it makes it easier to measure out the two sides of the dodgeball playing field.

Capture the Flag

Similar to dodgeball, Capture the Flag is a great camp game that is played a variety of different ways. Dasher boards can be installed to create multiple bases for the flag to get placed. Having two separate sections of dasher boards will make it easy to set up different teams and help keep the game organized. When using items like water balloons or squirt guns, the dasher boards can also help keep the action contained. This makes it easy to pick up water balloon pieces and prevent debris from getting everywhere. Outdoor dasher boards are durable enough to handle all types of weather elements.

A dasher board company, such as All American Arena Products, can install these durable boards on multiple types of terrain depending on how your camp is set up. Contact a company to find out more information and get estimates on prices.